Bridging Disciplines and Conventions: a Story

In this 2-post mini series on Bridging Disciplines and Conventions, we discuss some of the practical implications of organising transdisciplinary events meant as a forum of exchange for artists, academics, activists and people of other backgrounds.

In this post, Angela will tell you about their own experiences of attending different kinds of conferences. They will also raise questions sparked by the conventions they encountered and that strongly influenced our organisational efforts for Changing Worlds. Continue reading

Say my name, say my … pronoun?

Making an event accessible means to facilitate a space in which everyone can feel safe and welcome, without fear of being harrassed, ridiculed, or invalidated. In this post, we will take a closer look at how handling people’s names and gender pronouns can contribute to an inclusive atmosphere, using our registration forms and name badges as an example.

Names, pronouns, and official requirements

We care about calling people by their preferred* names and pronouns (she/he/they/etc.) because doing so signifies respect for people’s identities and their choices in relation to those identities. Continue reading